moved again and other bits

Well, I had to move again. Again, it's because of disk failure at good old griffin which was hosting this domain from early beginning. After all, that server was my donation (twice) to HULK. First time, Pentium SMP machine, and second time dual Celeron box. We changed disks much more often, but this time with root disk crash and more than 2000 files in /lost+found it seems that I have to make real move. So I did. Good luck, griffin, old friend, hope to see you soon.

On the brighter side, I added some layout around top-level page, Yes, it's self-promotion, so sue me! I would also like to share my furl links. If this blog is interesting to you, links might also be. It's really useful service.

Also, comments are working again. I had to remove calendar until next version of Bryar, but we can live without it.