Critique on weblogs/blogs and social networks

For a start, I don't think this blog is working out. O.K., call me negative, but total lack of comments (which might be because comments didn't work for quite some time due to bug in Bryar) except from me seems to show that people don't read it.

Why is it so? Well, let me move to social networks topic: it seems that most people are reading each-other blogs. Since nobody is reading mine, it feels like deserted island. I was shocked to learn that Gmail (yes, I won't link to it!) is invitation only thing. So much about that. Mail::Box Web search won't be influenced by Gmail design.

While I'm at topic of islands, few days ago I returned from LIDA 2004 conference which was very very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. Mljet was particularly nice, but I can't hold concentration for more than an hour after so much rest.

If you think that this post doesn't make any sense, it's true. Nobody is reads it, so who cares? And, as a particular bad thing, it's also masking old posts (since calendar navigation broke posts in Bryar) so you can't access older (and probably more useful) posts. But, who cares?