What a nice evening

What can be nicer than two hour nap and a big cup of coffee? Good music? What is unusual in this situation?

I'm sitting at Frankfurt airport. I had nice two hour nap (after exhorting trip from Boston) and nice cup of coffee. But, real reason for this entry are noise cancellation headphones that I bought in Detroit while coming back. They are powered by one AAA battery, and they really work. Perhaps Bose model for $399 is even better, but this cheap model for $60 is worth every dime also! They actually make transcontinental flight something bearable. I would recommend them to anyone who had to spend more than several hours in airplane. They don't cancel all outside noise, but airplane engines and noise from bar is almost gone. And, to my surprise they also work without any background music.

I met really fun student from Korea on the plane who told me that technology behind this headphones is the same as echo cancellation in analog telephones. The logical question is then: why don't all headphones in airplanes have that? I can't believe that mass-production of such headphones wouldn't drive price down enough so that we have them everywhere. But, than again I am just guessing and I might be wrong.

If you are wondering where is weblog entry with pictures from Boston, I moved it to separate USENIX blog where it belong.
I also had comment that my English suck. Well, I know that I'm not native speaker. But, you will have to bear with me. On the other hand, at least somebody is reading this weblog :-)