pgestraier - easy and fast full-text search for PostgreSQL using Hyper Estraier

I'm somewhat proud to announce that current version of pgestraier now includes consistency triggers which will keep Hyper Estraier index up-to-date with data in your database.

That, coupled with ability to create full-text indexes easily, just by running helper script on database, makes pgestraier powerful solution if you need fast full-text indexing with ability to off-load search to another machine (thanks to Hyper Estraier P2P architecture) or need perfect N-gram search results.

This project might also help people who are porting applications which use MySQL full-text search to PostgreSQL (actually, it's it going to be used just for that).

Real trunk of development is in Subversion, and CVS repository at pgFoundry is just a mirror copy. Enjoy it, while I prepare to leave for seaside.