Card reader on nc6120

I really needed to access smart card from my Nokia 6230i on HP/Compaq nc6120 so I spent some time making it work.

First, I noticed that kernel itself should have support for this reader, at least according to this info on sdhci. However, loading modules didn't show any dmesg output on my 104c:8034 device.

Then, I went to TI FlashMedia xx12/xx21 driver site, downloaded and installed modules and ho, here it is:

tifm_7xx1: sd card detected in socket 3
mmcblk0: mmc3:0001 IFX128 125440KiB
mmcblk0: p1

udev created card on next insert, and all I had to do was

$ mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt

Not bad, not bad.