bcm963xx git repository

As I mentioned long time ago, I collected various Broadcom GPL releases and now have a git repository with ones that I was able to found.

Following versions are currently there:

  • 3.00.01V
  • 3.00.03
  • 3.02.02V
  • 3.04.01
  • 3.04.02V
  • 3.06.06
  • 3.10.02

Tags are in flux (and will probably mirror branches anyway at some point). Right now different branches have distributions from vendors, but I have to clean a few of them which where imported before I created automatic procedure for import.

Please if you have any Broadcom bcm963xx development kit which is still not in tree, please send it in!

Version of development tree is included in version.make file at top-level:

dpavlin@host:/opt/bcm963xx$ cat version.make 

However, some manufacturers include own version numbers, but most of the time they leave original ones (if you apply some creative encoding to version number variants). However, to be completely sure that version isn't a duplicate you can checkout existing versions using:

git clone git://git.rot13.org/git/bcm963xx.git

Your pushes are welcomed :-)

Repository is quite big, about 600Mb, but it's on fast connection. However, ideas how to reduce that size (I don't think that there is so much changes!) is welcomed from someone who is better in git than me!