irc-logger - memory augmentation for #irc

Initially created in 2006 this handy tool is best described with original commit message:

IRC bot which replace human memory

Here is a quick run-down through available features:

  • web archive with search
  • irc commands: last, grep/search, stat, poll/count
  • tags// in normal irc messages (tagcloud, filter by tag, export as RSS feed)
  • announce /me messages to Twitter (yes, lame, but that was a year ago)
  • tags are available as html links for embedding (in wikis)
  • RSS feed from messages with tags (also nice for embedding)
  • irssi log import (useful for recovery in case of failure of machine or service :-)
  • announce new messages from RSS feeds (nice for wiki changes, blog entries or commits)

It has grown quite a bit from initial vision to recall last messages on the web (and it does go through some hoops to produce nice web archive). Adding of tags allowed easy recall of interesting topics but in a way now it provides an central hub for different content connected to irc.

It's written in perl using POE and it's probably not best example of POE usage. It is also somewhat PostgreSQL specific but works well for our small comunity at #razmjenavjestina irc channel. Since I have seen some interest in it this blog post might serve as announce of it's existence.

I will probably add some documentation to it's wiki page and add real muti-channel support (most of code is in there, but web archive needs filtering by channel). If you are interested to /invite it to your channel, drop me a note.