Integrating systems using Net::LDAP::Server and RDBMS

Let's assume that we have two systems, one which support LDAP user accounts and other system, based on relational database (Koha, in this example) which has user information which you would like to expose using LDAP for first system.

We could export all data required into institution LDAP, but that would push a lot of junk which is really required only by one application. Worse yet, some of that data is somewhat sensitive because it include serial numbers (SID) and data from RFID cards.

But, since application supports LDAP and we have Net::LDAP::Server it should be easy! And it really is.

LDAP server accessing Koha database using DBI is really converter of LDAP search query into SQL where syntax which is than appended to initial select which returns attribute values for LDAP entry which will be returned for search request.

This small example will hopefully be useful to other people who would like to integrate two systems by exposing user data via LDAP protocol. Just remember that pushing real valid usable data back to LDAP always makes more sense if that data is useful for current or future systems...

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