Video editing over the web: are we there yet?

I have been watching videos from 2009 and stumbled upon Conrad Parker's Ogg Chopping: techniques for programming correctness and efficiency which is great lecture if you want to know something about current state of video on the web, Ogg or Haskell.

I have been thinking about poor state of Linux video for quite some time (bear in mind that I do have real-life experience with U-matic type equipment) but it seems that things are moving in right direction. Here is a quick comilation of useful links from this presentation:

This is very cool! Only problem for me right now is that server side is written in python with which I haven't have good experience (it's just my bias). But, than again JavaScript API seems easy enough to roll out own server implementation if I find time to play with it.

Update: Are we there yet?

After a bit more of watching, I also stumbled upon Collaborative Video for Wikipedia by Michael Dale which introduces following tools related to video editing:

  • Mv_Embed allows support of browsers without <video> tag with annotation editor
  • MetaVidWiki offers another interface, but I couldn't find any good demo to link from here