Presentations with video clips in x11

I wanted to have full-screen presentation with two video files in-between slides. And I didn't really want to depend on network to present it. I even wanted to use properly scaled video depending on projector resolution.

In my expirience, best way to preserve presentation format is to export it into pdf. And than with a little bit of shell scripting...

xpdf -fullscreen /home/dpavlin/Desktop/sf3-2009_oslobodimo_hardware.pdf
mplayer -fs /home/dpavlin/llin/RFID/ffzg-promo-knjiznica.avi
xpdf -fullscreen /home/dpavlin/Desktop/sf3-2009_oslobodimo_hardware.pdf 3
mplayer -fs /home/dpavlin/llin/RFID/comet-meteor-koha-rfid.ogv
xpdf -fullscreen /home/dpavlin/Desktop/sf3-2009_oslobodimo_hardware.pdf 6
I got exactly what I needed. Both xpdf and mplayer have full screen options and xpdf can jump to specific slide. Even keyboard shortcut to exit programs (q) are the same!

So, I just flip first two slides, press q and play first video in full screen. When it ends, I will be on next slide in xpdf. You will see background for a bit (so switch to empty virtual desktop or something), but other than that it works nicely and predictably.