MySQL innodb_file_per_table upgrade

By default, MySQL installation on Debian comes without innodb_file_per_table option which spread tables in individual InnoDB files. Based on your usage patterns or backup strategies this might be better filesystem organization than one big /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1 file. I first heard about it in OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault!. It's great podcast, but to be honest with each new episode I wish to have only PostgreSQL servers to maintain...

To enable this option you will need to create configuration file and restart MySQL server:

koha:/etc/mysql/conf.d# cat > file-per-table.cnf 
koha:/etc/mysql/conf.d# /etc/init.d/mysql restart

This won't change anything, because only new tables will be created in separate files. But, we can use ALTER TABLE table ENGINE=InnoDB on each table to force InnoDB to re-read tables and create separate files:

mysqlshow koha --status | grep InnoDB | cut -d'|' -f2 | sed -e 's/^/alter table/' -e 's/$/ engine=InnoDB;/' | mysql -v koha

If you replace grep InnoDB with grep MyISAM you might use same snippet to convert MyISAM tables into InnoDB (if you still have them or don't use fulltext search).

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