DORS/CLUC 2012 conference

As you all know by now, last week we had another DORS/CLUC conference. This time I had two talks and one workshop.

SysAdmin Cookbook.png

Sysadmin cookbook

I never proparly introduced this project here, but if you want to know more about my convention based documentation examine the presentation of hop over to and take a look at generated documentation.

Basic idea is to document changes in easy to write files on file system (preserving symlinks to files on system which allows you to quickly see if cookbook is deployed or not and diff between template and deployed configuration). I know that my cookbook is mix of various things I did in last three years, but I do find it useful, so hopefully it might be useful to you also.

Kindle - so much more than ebook reader.png

Kindle - so much more than ebook reader

This was longer talk about my one year experience with Kindle. I must say that I'm still very happy user of Kindle, but in this talk, I tried to cover Kindle Developer's Corner at mobileread forum as well as other related projects: So if you are still wondering if it's worth the effort to install third-party software on Kindle, answer is yes, it is!.

Web scale monitoring.png

Web scale monitoring

This was a workshop which doesn't have much with web (it's about monitoring ADSL CPE devices and provider equipment in-between), but it shows (I hope) nice way to integrate several project to provide nice scalable monitoring infrastructure. It's composed of:

  • Gearman message queue together with Gearman::Driver provide on-demand scaling of workers
  • redis saves all data from external systems (LDAP, CRM) and all results from statistics collection nicely providing data for web interface
  • PostgreSQL stores all collected data, using hstore to provide unstructured key value store for different data from different devices while still allowing us to use SQL to query data (and export it to data warehouse)
  • Mojolicious provides web interface which uses data from redis and provides JSONP REST interface for Angular.js
All in all it's a nice combination of tools which served my need quite well, so I hope it was also useful to people who attended workshop.