DORS/CLUC 2013 conference

gnu-linux-on-arm-0.png Last week we had another annual conference about Free Software and Open Source DORS/CLUC 2013. For a last year, I was playing with various hardware, so this year, I was part of Internet of things panel (talking about ARM based machines), and I had lecture about GNU/Linux on ARM devices for $50-$100.

I also submitted hardware workshop for program which got accepted, so I quickly realized that I'm really no hardware expert and that I could use some help to make interesting workshop. Fortunately I have a few good friends who know more about hardware that I ever will, so I summoned Lovro and Dalibor to help me cover hardware and antenna design. Few weeks ago I was at NSND Belgrade 2013 where I had good fortune to meet Filip who is working for Dangerous Prototypes. I couldn't really believe my good luck since I wanted to talk about Bus Pirate a great multi-purpose tool which got me into hardware in the first place. So, in the end, I had three very skillful people to back me up in this workshop which was hopefully useful and interesting to people attending it. For future reference, I will include a few links below about topics we convered:

As you can see from notes above, workshop was a mix of different projects but hopefully it managed to convey my excitement about current moment in time where you can hack hardware even without taking soldering iron (and burning your fingers). If you do take soldering iron, please make your project Open Source Hardware...