Microsoft search engine technology preview

Well, it seems that Microsoft has a search engine. Let's see how good it works. Well, I entered dobrica as a search word expecting to find me and oh, err... Dobrica Cosic or other Dobricas which have web presence. But, what did I get? No search results. Strange.

Still in good faith, I tried something different: dobrica pavlinusic (yes, yes, I know: it shouldn't return result either). But, what did I get?

Search Error

MSN Search is temporarily unable to process your request.

Please try again in a few minutes.

EID: f:651496928 - 1041:1041:10004:1059

HC: 71d61b15

Cool! Thanks, Microsoft, I will stay with Google. On, BTW, did you
ever got error message trying out Google beta services? I didn't
think so either!