Fuse for perl on FreeBSD

I'm maintainer of fuse perl binding for some time now. One of things that I'm somewhat proud is somewhat limited but working support for FreeBSD. Since I use FreeBSD only to test fuse bindings for perl, I tend to forget all little thigs which are different on it. So, here is a little reminder for my poor brain -- how to get my FreeBSD box up-to-date:

root@freebsd:/root# cvsup -L 2 /root/ports-supfile
root@freebsd:/# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-libs
root@freebsd:/usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-libs# make install
root@freebsd:/usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-libs# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod/
root@freebsd:/usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod# make install

Currently bindings still compile against perl 5.8.7, and I'm compiling perl 5.8.8 with threading to give it a try. I think that I will really need to fix tests to run on FreeBSD first (help from BSD users would be greatly appreciated).