Why do I like perl and Jifty?

Lately, it seems that different programming languages are mostly different by community (yes, that's controversial statement, but bare with me).

For example, I just must brag how easy it was to submit patch to perl module which kept Jifty from handling my multi-line entries:

18:14 < dpavlin> obra: I found out what's wrong with multi-line text areas in Jifty. It turned out that HTTP::Server::Simple bit me.
18:15 < dpavlin> obra: around line 310 in Simple.pm is $request_uri =~ /([^?]*)(?:\?(.*))?/ which should really be $request_uri =~ 
                 /([^?]*)(?:\?(.*))?/s since my request has %0a in URL which gets decoded to \n before this regex gets it.
18:16 < dpavlin> obra: should I file CPAN bug or something? (write test for it? ;-)
18:30 < obra> dpavlin: send me mail and I'll fix it in the next hourish?
19:50 < obra> dpavlin: thanks! released
20:42 < dpavlin> obra++

If only all communication could be so useful... I might even change my mind about irc after all.