VRač - virtualno računalo

Really funny name of post, isn't it? It should mean something to people who understand Croatian: it's virtual computer. This fun toy begin it's existence as Orao emulator. In the process, I wrote 6502 and Z80 emulator (actually only perl xs bindings for existing cpu emulators) and implemented Orao, Galaksija and Galeb using it.

Various machines are in different stage of usability. Orao emulation is working (without tape support), Galaksija is too slow to be useful (also doesn't have tape) and Galeb doesn't have keyboard or tape support.

I would be very grateful for hardware information about those machines if you can spare some time writing them. I'm somewhat hope that source code of this emulators might serve as historic reference how this machines where constructed.

Lately, I have also found mess project, but soon after that I also noticed that I need about six times as much to implement changes in it. C is just not my language, so actually only hope for preservation of those computers is good documentation (which is something mess community is striving also).

On the other hand, currently CPU emulation library is not license compatible with GPL so I won't probably push this to CPAN any time soon but I would love to find another implementation (PowerPC anyone?) and basically create thin layer of perl code which can express different architectures.

Having written all that now it's time to show you how to compile dam thing!

svn co svn://svn.rot13.org/VRac/
cd VRac
perl Makefile.PL
make orao

And you will have working Orao emulator in a second. You can also try make galaksija or make galeb.

This post was originally written on 2007-09-05 when I wanted to announce this project after playing with it over the summer. Since I never finished emulation of Galaksija or Galeb, I left it in draft mode for too long. Now that first Croatian Perl Workshop is coming along I will talk about this project, so it's just fair to announce it, so you can have preview about what my lecture will be.