First Croatian Perl Workshop

First of all, we had first ever Croatian perl workshop. Thanks to all the people who showed up, we had attendance of about ten.

Organizing a workshop event turned out to be much more work then I anticipated, and various other tasks stopped me from preparing for it as good as I should. Also, small number of people force me to re-consider my lectures about perl. On one hand, I really, really, tried to spread perl (and had good fortune of being at right place at right time to get off the ground), but with such low attendance, I must conclude that perl is used only by about 20 people in Zagreb. This seems somehow disturbing. Comparing size of Zagreb with Moscow turned out to show about same proportion, so I was just overly optimistic.

I also gave half an hour presentation about Jifty, based on Building a Jifty app in a jiffy by Kevin Falcone and showed some examples of my jifty apps (I actually didn't talk about last one, just mentioned it as integration of external javascript -- CodePress in this example).

I also have to thank to Andrew Shitov from who have managed to prepare several very interesting topics which, in my opinion, made this event worthwhile. If it wasn't free I would ask my money back :-\