fsec 2013 - GoodFET ported to Arduino UNO

nRF24L01 It's again this time of year when security researchers (and me) gather in Varaždin for fsec, vendor-neutral technical security symposium, hosted by Faculty of Organization and Informatics. This year, I deiced to re-visit my question about security wireless keyboards, so I ported Travis Goodspeed's GoodFET to Arduino UNO. Goal was to use cheap nRF24L01 modules from ebay to see if my Chicony KG-0609 keyboard is sniffable. And it is...

You can find the presentation in which I also tried to cover my experience with hardware hacking below.

I hope it was interesting to people who attended it, although I suspect that I crammed too much content into 30 minute slot which I had. If you are interested in my changes, they are available in Arduino_Uno branch in goodfet project at git.rot13.org.

This event has special place in my calender since I'm alumni and it's always nice to meet again friends and professors and visit again place where I started my Unix administration back in 1995. Thanks to everybody for nice three days in beautiful Varaždin.